" Time and time again the law of Man will  be broken;

        it is the law of the Universe that will never be broken. "  

" Claudia Teotonio"

Thanks to the Engine of Levitation the Aerospace industry could be tens of generations ahead. This is advanced mechanical technology that will make possible for spaceships (man carriers) to go further than ever before in shorter periods of time when compared with the Rocket Engine. 

By not using any external material or Newton's Third Law the Engine of levitation will generate it's own thrust and overcome Earths gravitational force field. This will represent one of the oldest dreams of mankind and finally, make possible for humans to become Spacefaring-species. This is a new inertial propulsion proposal for Deep Space Travel and this site promotes this amazing technology and its research.


Research tests will start with horizontal takeoff flights on the ST7 drone, the only drone in the world meant to have the capabilities to reach the out-in-Space well beyond sub-orbital flights and reenter the atmosphere ( Inertial propulsion for UAV's to reach Space).  Overall the Engine of Levitation focuses primarily on new and unique advanced technologies for deep Space Exploration with Safty and Speed as two of it's most important factors. The ST7 ( Supreme Terrestrial 7) is the spaceship or the "dream" infrastructure that would more represent the Engine of Levitation. Thanks to its body shape capabilities it will be safer than ever for people to travel to space because the research results for its aerodynamics suggest that they are closed from being mastered knowing that if you turn the engine off on the ST7, it will continuously fall on a landing angle and it will cut the speed to almost nothing as it gets too fast in his ascending.  Please note, the ST7 will air born on water and land on the same.   The Engine of Levitation will make the Rocket Engine a thing of the past.  A smaller scale of the ST7 (ST7-Drone) will be built first in order to undergo navigation research tests of the Engine of levitation within gravitational space. 

For generations, mankind has been creating and developing flying machines that go more advanced every day. It started with the balloon until today’s super military stealths. World wars and conflicts were the biggest factors for the rapid development of advanced aircraft engineering. But the rocket engine was a big mistake. A spaceship that adopts the Rocket as a way to travel to Space must reach 40.000km/h (24,840mph), the escape velocity in order to exit Earth’s gravity and enter Space ( The Engine of Levitation does not need "Escape velocity" to exit the atmosphere). But once out in space still has to face hush environments like ultra-violet from the Sun and extreme temperatures. 

It was in Russia, in 1903 Konstantin Tsiolkovskii started the first scientific ideas on rocket propulsion, but it wasn’t until 1926 when an American engineer Robert Goddard launched the first rocket into Space. Suborbital and orbital flights are very respectful achievements made by the Rocket Engine as well as obtaining useful information about celestial bodies thanks to space-probes. But space-travel has been in this stage for too long there for we waited too long for an innovation like the Engine of Levitation. It’s Time to Embrace the Future. The Engine of Levitation is the next big move in Aeronautics.

The Engine of Levitation will lift in the air like a UFO Space Ship. It will be like a spacecraft lifting like a helicopter and take off like the F-22. The Engine of Levitation is capable of reaching unlimited speeds in the vacuum Space. This is only possible with the Engine of Levitation, considering that the Spacecraft is to be totally closed from any outside influence. This is no helicopter blades, no jet turbines, no rocket engine and no rocket fuel. The Engine of Levitation will generate it's won thrust by not using any external material, become anti-gravity and escape Earths gravity in order to reach Space.

Once in Space, the speed of the Engine of Levitation can be unlimited because the engine will pool continuously the spaceship and in Space, there is no gravity so this creates an infinite speed growth. In order to Stop, it will have the cylinders pooling in the opposing direction to the one going at the time slowing it down until eventually stops. But if you turn off the Engine of Levitation in Space it will maintain the speed it acquired up to that moment for infinity.  


Deep Space Travel and the Rocket Engine don't Relate

The Engine of levitation

Will overcome light speed within 7 months with Human tolerance.

The more academic you are the more likely your heart will

be broken.  


Braking the laws of Physics 

Overcoming light speed 

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