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The Future of Space Travel 

             Thank you for your interest in the Engine of Levitation. Below I will explain this project and the fact that it is a continuous program. 




 . The Engine of Levitation needs to be built. 

 . In order to build RC model prototype of the Engine of Levitation £50.000.00 needs to be raised. This money will be used to build the Engine of Levitation, see necessary modifications for better performance and two tests must be completed at this stage. 


    In order to do this tests, we need to build two different body shapes for RC model space crafts. One is called "ST7" or supremeTerrestrial Seven. 


    The ST7 is completely designed around the Engine of Levitation. It's a Triangle format Space Ship. The ST7 body shape would be nothing more the Science fiction if wasn't for the Engine of Levitation.  The RC model of the ST7 will be built in order to undergo the first test for the Engine of Levitation and this will consist horizontal take-off flight experiments. 


    After the successful completion of the first test, a second RC model Spaceship will be built in order to undergo vertical take-off flights. If you know Spaceship two from SpaceX than you know that it is a capsule shaped and this second RC model will share its body shape format. The Engine of Levitation will be position in the top centre of the capsule in order to have already established balance when taking off vertically. 


    The same Engine of Levitation will be used for both spaceship designs in order to accomplish the horizontal and vertical tests. The £50000.00 budget for all of this experiments. Must expensive part for this project consists on AutoCAD designing and the printing of still and aluminium parts to assemble the Engine of Levitation among many other factors.   (https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/fraunhofer-ifam-introduces-metal-3d-printing-fff-machines-122792/ )​


   . The Engine of Levitation is set to work better in the vacuum of Space because of no gravity existent. But by overcoming our won Earths gravitational pool we will be able to fill numerous applications in the defence Sector and having the capabilities to close deals in this sector would enable us to ensure the financial future of furthering Space commercial projects and it's research. 


    I intend to use electric motors to supply the cylinders of the Engine of Levitation. The Engine of Levitation will adopt electrical energy when overcoming our own Earths gravitational force field. With this in the count, the Engine of Levitation intends to adopt magnetic rotation motion once in Space to supply the cylinders instead of the electrical motor. This would generate an infinite resource propellant system for the Spaceship that adapts it. Because of the no gravity pressure in Space, this would cause it into an infinite speed growth and this is Interstellar travel capabilities.       


    . The Engine of Levitation as a company would love to keep Space commercials being able to share this amazing technology in the defence sector by partnering with other companies. This is because the Engine of Levitation as a Company does not have its own infrastructure. So I am now depending on bigger companies to license the Engine of Levitation. 


    . The cost to build the real scale of the Engine of Levitation can go up to $1000000.00 US

    . The cost to build own infrastructure as a company including the ST7 could go up to $35000000.00. 


     . Knowing that is a fraction of the cost when comparing to any Space project that adapts the Rocket Engine this still is money beyond reach. But if the £50000.00 come into this project once the horizontal and vertical tests are successful it would be pointless to keep investing in space programs that are built around the Rocket Engine as the main technology to make into Space and covering greater distances in shorter periods of time when comparing it to the Engine of Levitation. 


      I will build the Engine of Levitation and the RC models myself with the help of a team I will put in place. This should take the maximum of five months. 


      After this stage is completed and because I don't have my won infrastructure the next move will be to close the deal with " targeted company" and from there be able to finance own Space Projects and focus on Space Commercials. I want to share this amazing technology by partnering with other companies towards the Defence Sectors because I would love to have the Engine of Levitation as a company to keep Space commercials and be the authority in this sector so that future Space projects could move forward. 



      After having Space-Commercials 

      Once I get my own infrastructure the future research will be to focus on the mothership. This would be universal parts for Spaceship that follow restrict standards when it comes to insulation, structural reinforcement, and support, protection against radiation, protection against comets and meteorites. Part of the research for this universal Mothership parts and according to their functionalities will be to have the capabilities for fast and easy assembly (or lego like). So we will assemble the mothership in Earths ground test it and retest it and once all the necessary work is done the mothership will be dismantled, taken out of our atmosphere by parts and then assemble them together for the second time permanently considering that the mothership is never meant to enter any planet's atmosphere.   


      I also intend to focus on biological research to grow plants outside our atmosphere and the possibilities to master artificial-gravity. 


     I am ready to answer any questions the investor might have with the intentions to welcome you on board but the Engine of Levitation does work and eventually, time answers everything.   

       This graphic explains how an object can be influenced by forces from different directions other than opposite ones. 
           The ball on this graphics or the "third factor" never gets touched on the opposing direction but from both the sides. 
           The horizontal motion in these graphics creates a vertical lift by manipulating direction forces. 
          The direction of this forces can be manipulated according to the shape of the object or objects in use. A third factor is vertically influenced from dual forces in the opposing direction to one another so does not yet break Newton's third law but because of factor 3, this is no longer an opposing dual reaction but a trio. This is the minimum required to unite the factors and their forces in a single object. This object must manipulate the forces originated by the factors involved towards a single direction so that it can go towards this same direction. The thrust created by this object will depend on the motion speed of the factors involved. According to the weight of the object being lifted the thrust must be greater than the pooling of gravity so that it creates levitation. This way it can have capabilities not just for horizontal take off flights but also vertical ones.  This object having the capacity to pool itself towards a single direction without having any influence on the opposing one does break Newton's Third law. This graphics will not show how to unite the three factors involved and combine their forces in order to become a single object with a single direction.  
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